The guac of the Irish

Yesterday Zizza asked me “Why didn’t we have walk on St Patrick’s day?”

“Why didn’t we have what?” I asked her.
“Walk” she said.
Now that I knew I’d heard her right my brain went into analytical mode trying to figure out what she possibly meant.
“Walk, wok?” I’m thinking.
Maybe there’s a St Patty’s tradition I don’t know about. A promenade of the green, or fresh vegetable stir-fry.
She sees that I’m confused and offers further clarification. “Walk and chips” She offers talking in that slow deliberate manner reserved for stating the obvious to befuddled companions.
I still don’t get it and now I’m wondering if “walk” is some kind of fish?
She’s nearly fed up by now and throws an eye roll into the bargain with her last clarification; “Walk-a-mole!” she nearly shouts.
“Oh!” I say, “Guacamole! Yes that would have been a good green food for St. Patrick’s day.”
My recipe is here. Though lately I’ve been going with a pared down version that was the result of a guac craving and a nearly bare kitchen.
The simplified recipe skips all ingredients except for red onion, avocados (of course) salt, pepper and lime.
The simplified guacamole is fresh fruity and much easier on the breath of those who eat it.

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