obsess much?

I have a new dream anewgoalanewwish.

As of five minutes ago I’ve been over come with the desire to some time in my life, the sooner the better, be in a production of the hit musical Annie.
Who do you think I want to play?
Should I tell you?

Do you want to guess?
Do you already know?
Ok I’ll just say it.
Here goes….
Miss Hannigan
Was that predictable?
I mean what other character in that show has any extra appeal to would be actresses of a post-pubescent nature?
Grace? Ihn. That’s what I have to say about her. Lilly the floozy girl friend? Better, but it’s not much of a part. It’s Hannigan all the way.

3 Responses to obsess much?

  1. Do it!

    Little girls, little girls, everything around me is …. little.

    Stuart and I had fight over that song once. He didn't believe me that it was in the movie, but I won.

  2. Huge fan. Love Miss Hannigan. That is one show that even Eliza will watch with me. I'd like to see the Broadway likeness. Or rather, I'd like to see the Eva likeness. Does this mean you'll come with me to NY? 🙂

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