Beach Bum Shorts

Another refashion took me from this:

To this:

I decided to use the original hem and keep the side vents. After I got to work though. I figured out that keeping the side vents with the off-set hem meant I’d have to duplicate the vents on the inseam.

When it was all said and done, I decided that next time I’ll keep the vents but re-hem the back pieces to match the front and skip constructing the inseam vents.

Adding pockets was absolutely necessary. If you know any three year-old boys, you likely recognize this statement as the truth.
As if to validate my pocket stance, the first thing Enzo did when he put these on for the first time was locate a pocket and deposit a car inside.

Once his pockets were satisfactorily filled, I sent him down stairs to show his poppa the new pants. The Mr’s response was, “Those are nice beach bum shorts!” This was also validating because I’d been calling these “the beach bum shorts” in my head all along! Is my family in sync or what?

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