Jammies, refashioned

Have you ever tried to write a post but found that all the words seem to have been sucked out of your head?
My ability to form anything more than the most basic of sentences is clean gone.
Please keep that in mind as you read the following skeleton of a post.

I signed up for Wardrobe Refashion. Summer is coming and all of the new clothes that will be needed (or wanted) for the children and myself will be refashioned from pieces either salvaged from our closets, purchased from the thrift store, or fashioned from my existing fabric stash.

This was my warm-up for the next 2 months.

I loved this t-shirt.
Evidence of the love is written in the worn pit-area and over-all dinginess of the shirt.

I chopped it up thusly, to eliminate the worst of the dinge (read arm-pits)

And stitched it back together to form a jammie romper for little Moo-Moo.

The elastic thread shirring is not my best work. the seams are not even close to straight and I should have started lower on the garment and worked up toward the neck rather than starting at the edge and working down, as each subsequent row of elasticized stitching gets a bit tighter than the last. It’s good enough for jammies though, and there’s always next time!

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