Birthday dirt

A few weeks before his Birthday I asked Enzo what kind of cake he wanted. He was having trouble coming up with an idea, every time the subject came up he’d exclaim “My Buh-day cake!” That was all I could get out of him. Then, Zizza, ever helpful, suggested a Bob the Builder cake and he was sold.
Now, I can hold my own with a piping bag. I even enjoy decorating a cake from time to time but the thought of piping all of those red and yellow squares to make Bob’s checkered shirt made me want to chop off my fingers, effectively ending my cake decorating career.

Soon Enz was talking about his Bob cake every time mention was made of his birthday and my fingers were seeming more and more disposable so I came up with a plan.
I took him to the store and we picked out a toy tractor together. It would have been great if we had found a “Scoop” or a “Muck” but Bob really isn’t that big anymore so you can’t find his paraphernalia at Target. We went with a Tonka Bulldozer that makes growling engine noises. I told him the tractor would go on his Bob cake because Bob uses tractors and that was it. We were both happy, no icing checkers necessary. Just a plastic bulldozer climbing a pile of crumbled sheet cake dirt . And it even tasted good.

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