When you’re Three: Enzo’s experience thus far

Three starts out a lot like Two did. This leads me to believe that my mama’s going to have a lot of pictures of me sleeping by the time I’m grown up.

When you’re three, you make cookies with your friends. We took turns dumping from the little bowls to the big bowl and using the mixer. It was an effective method you might be interested to try.

We made sure to lick the beaters clean which is probably the most important part of the whole excercise.

Mama tried to make letters again. Here’s the thing though, I know what letters look like and I know what cookies look like.  Frankly, the stuff that came out of the oven didn’t resemble  either one.  They tasted ok though. 

You spend a lot of time on the phone when you’re three. People call to sing to you all day long. I can hardly get anything done anymore.

When you’re three your mama lets you pick what to do all day long. If you have a big sister though, watch out.  She might figure out how to work the system. Also, I don’t recommend trying to soak your fingers in the same water with your toes. It sounds like a good idea starting out, but it ends in wet pants.

Three year olds have twinner toe nails with their mamas.

When you are three you eat pancakes for dinner, and you get candles in yours because, hello? Three!

Also, you open presents. All tree year olds do this.

Eventually though, you end up back here.

I’ve been informed that there will be cake involved in this three year old deal. I am looking forward to this.

All in all, I’d say, three is pretty good. You might enjoy to try it for yourself some time.

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