Rosy Red Ruffles

Mid-December it came to my attention that Zizza would be needing a new winter dress. I was trying to steer clear of the typical “Christmas dress” feel because I wanted something that would feel seasonally appropriate once Christmas had come and gone.
I asked Ziz what color dress she’d like and she said red. I thought on that, and pitched her my idea: A red knit dress with three quarter length sleeves, a generously flared a-line skirt and fearlessly looping monochromatic ruffles.

She agreed whole heartedly, on the condition that I make the ruffles white like Mrs. Clause.
Apparently we weren’t on the same page with the whole “not a typical Christmas dress” thing.
I made up the little dress and she adored it as it was for her first fitting; entirely void of ruffles.
It was rather cute that way with the jewel neck and the generously draped raglan sleeves, but it was cute in a decidedly adult and 1980’s way, so I went ahead and put the ruffles on the way I wanted them.
She wasn’t pleased with my disregarding her opinion. She nearly reused to wear the dress. But then I introduced her to the little pants I made as a modesty accompaniment to the finished dress and she changed her mind.
Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

Why no, my little girl doesn’t enjoy posing for the camera at all. Why do you ask?

I do love the ruffles. You’ll have to excuse the flashy glare on the next photo, also the schmutz on the dress. They handed out valentine candy at church last week, and I didn’t think to re-take the close up-neck ruffle shot after I realized my flash was on and causing a glaring ruckus.

Finally, here are the little pants that saved the day.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am with how this dress came out. It worked just the way I planned it. And on the first try too!
I made it out of cotton knit but I teated the knit as a woven, with facings an invisible zipper in the back and a blind hem. So it has ease of wear like a knit with the clean finish of a woven.
The down side is, I didn’t properly pre-shrink my fabric.

I made the dress to fall just above her knee, but as you see in the pictures it now barley reaches mid-thigh.

The little pants save the day again.

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