I took a little nap this afternoon. An ill-conceived little nap. The kind where your eyes get so droopy that you just flop down wherever you may be and succumb even knowing you’ll regret it.
My arm was not a good pillow.
I woke up scowling.
We had to go outside to combat the sourness of the bad nap. I pulled weeds and they did this.

Zizza’s oil slick hair-do is thanks to the liberal dose of hair serum that was part of her self coiffure this morning while I was still abed.

Enzo’s bow tie is thanks to this excellent Valentine’s day project. They’re gearing up for Easter now so don’t let the bow tie envy eat you up, just go get one of your own!

Peek-a-boo crazy hair!

My the time my front walk was weeded my forehead had smoothed considerably. There was a slight set back in the de-gumping when Zizza rammed me square in the back with her bike as she attempted to ride it down the narrow side walk where I was sitting surrounded by condemned greens.

There were 2 inches of passing room to my right, which to a five year old new to the art of two wheeling must have seemed ample. She seemed nearly as surprised as I was when her front tire charged full speed into my spine. (she hasn’t so much got the steering part down yet)
She saved herself from spending the rest of the day with an angry mother by setting up the tricycle-pool with her little brother, effectively melting my heart, and then holding the adorable scene together while I ran inside for the camera.
She’s a good girl even if the tire treaded bruise on my back says otherwise.

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