Cookie contest the third

I really love this little tradition of mine.
Read over the inscriptions on the holiday cookies pictured below and and guess my cookie decor inspiration. Leave your answer in the form of a comment. The contest will close Monday night. A winner will be selected from among those with the correct answer and will receive a copy of the movie I took the quotes from as a prize!
The top photo is all of the cookies in one shot. The three following photos are closer views to make the deciphering a bit easier

I did some extra research this time and checked to see if the quotes I had in mind popped the answer right up on Google, so it should be a bit trickier to figure this one out if you don’t know right off.
Still, don’t let that discourage you. I didn’t pre-google everything, I got a bit carried away piping sugared syllables and added a few extra quotes last minute.
In the case that no one has guessed right by the time the contest closes, I have one more cookie quote, a dead giveaway, held in reserve. If necessary I’ll post that photo and the first person to guess right will win the day.
Good Luck!

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