It’s an honor being nominated.

A l-o-n-g time ago Brenda gave me a blog award.
I didn’t ever write the acceptance post because it was November and November means everyday posts. Every day posts mean less time per post in order to avoid complete consumption of myself by the blog.
So, by the time November was over and I was ready to put a little more time into a single post I’d kind of sort of forgotten about it.
Fast forward to today when Lauraine granted me a “Beautiful Blogger Award”
The two awards in question here, have the same rules/requirements so I’m going to accept them both in this single post. (cheating?)
First, I thank the person who gave the award and say something nice about them.
Brenda has a talent for showing love to to others and giving service. Here’s an example:
When Zizza was a baby The Mr. and I were on the activities committee at church. We were putting on the big kahuna of activities for the year- The Ward Rodeo.
We were to report the the arena at something like 7:00 am to set up. (One of the Mr’s jobs was greasing the pig, washing all of that piggy crisco off his hands took some time) Toting an 8 month old along through all of that was less than appealing so I called Brenda and asked her to take my little dumpling for the morning.
She told me she was going to have the “YCL’s” at her house the night before but she’d could take my baby too. I did not know that “YCL” stood for “Youth Camp Leader” or that there would be 30 or more of them all camped out on her back lawn waiting while she cooked their breakfast. Imagine my surprise and horror when I walked into her kitchen and found her making French Toast for that crowd, knowing that I’d asked her to babysit while she had this going on! I was more than a little embarrassed, but I didn’t know what else to do so I left Zizza there and went to set up the pie bake off!
Brenda was on top of it all though, a few hours later she and little Zizz were at the rodeo both smiling. To top it all off, when the rodeoing was finished Brenda took Zizza back to her house so I could stay and clean up. I feel both exhausted and grateful just thinking about that day.
Thanks again Brenda for the award and the all day babysitting with a yard full of hungry teen-aged girls!

Lauraine is a fairly recent blog friend, and a chatty one! Not only does she leave comments, she responds to my responses. I love that! I’ve never been great at responding to comments. I get the notification in my email when they’re left and each one makes me feel warm and happy inside, but if the commenter doesn’t have their account set up to sync their comments with their e-mail I have a hard time getting responses written.
You don’t know how many times I’ve gotten a sweet comment, written a response and sent it to “” I don’t know how many time’s Ive done it either on account of it took quite a while for me to realize this was happening.
Anyway, happily, Lauraine has her account situated so I can reply to her comments via email, because she is fun to chat with. Plus, she churns out high volumes of cute stuff, and that’s always fun to see.
Thanks Lauraine, for encouraging me not only to be better at replying to comments, but better at leaving them for others as well.

Ok, Next I’m supposed to list 7 little known facts about myself. I think it’s cheating if I just link to a similar meme I did a few years ago. Darn it, here goes from scratch.

1- I can wrap both my ankles behind my head. I maybe should have pursed a career as a contortionist.

2- I don’t like to be touched while I’m sleeping. If the tips of my fingers are touching The Mr while I’m trying to drift off, I will lie there feeling off-balanced and irritable until one of us moves.

3- Every night I brush, floss, and then brush again.

4- I’m kind of a know-it-all sometimes.

5- When I was around 10 I decided that when I grew up I was going to have twin girls and name them “Spring Rain and Summer Breeze,”

6- I thank my lucky stars that I grew out of that notion before I actually grew up and had any babies twins or otherwise.

7- I’ve got to wrap this up because I had pizza for dinner and I’m just itching to go in and brush floss brush.

Ok, now to grant my own awards. I’m going to select friends who I haven’t heard from in a while in the hopes that they’ll get ta postin’

Melisue (start a blog will ya?)

Now, I’m off to answer the siren song of my toothbrush, good night!

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