I’ve been in the market for a double jogger for a good three years now.
Three years ago, that’s when I found a great deal on Craig’s list but didn’t act on it because it was hard to imagine actually jogging, jogging while pushing 2 kids, when I was pushing my current stroller forward with nudges from my belly since I couldn’t reach around it to push with my hands.
In the past three years I’ve been waiting for another deal like that to come along. Meanwhile, Enzo holds Moo on his lap in the stroller meant for one child. This works well enough for a stroll to the park but running that way would be less than effective. Not to mention that the stroller in question here is not a jogger. I’ve used it that way in the past, but it’s rough.
In all this time, another craigslist deal never has come along, so…

I gave in a bought one new.
Sadly, the view out my front door confirms that I won’t be taking the new beauty out for her inaugural run today.

Hoping the rain will stop long enough for a quick mile, and wishing I’d sprung for the full stroller splash guard.

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