Today I went to Sas Fabrics by the pound. The trip was wildly successful.
Another of my little brothers is getting married next month and there are 13 flower girls to sew for. My sister and I are tag teaming the project. She’s got half the fabric, I’ve (now) got half the fabric and we’re attempting to collaborate across state lines to outfit all 13 girls in three weeks time. Crazy? I think so.
Here’s a question, is the seventeen year old niece of the groom still considered a flower girl? Something to think about.
Anyway, I selected the 60 yards of organza I needed and was standing there waiting for it all to me measured out and found myself right next to the silk bolts.
Heaven help me.
Heaven help my pocket book.
I did make it out of there without doing over-much damage, but not without a few yards of the canary silk that called to me in just such a way that I was unable to resist.
Just now as I did the dishes I planned my design for it and eventually, when all sixty yards of organza is sewn into lovely swirling skirts of variegated green, I will execute the design and then LOOK OUT! That canary silk is a lot to take in.
For hours after making the purchase I found myself repeating “Canary Silk” to myself. It’s really that thrilling.
I know just the shoes I’ll need. Beige and creme wingtip heels…sigh. I love clothes…and shoes.

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