Zizza wrote a letter to Santa

She’d been talking and talking about a sewing machine that was her size, and I’d been looking and looking for one that would actually, you know, sew.
Zizza has used my machine before, so she knows what a sewing machine is actually supposed to do. I knew she wouldn’t be satisfied with a thing that looked like a sewing machine but didn’t so much sew as create really messy knots with some fabric in the middle.
I looked at vintage machines but she specifically wanted one her size and they were mostly my size. I thought about a Singer Featherweight, and if my repair guy hadn’t retired a while back leaving me repair guy-less, I would’ve snapped up a “needs repairs” one from ebay. Sadly, the refurbished Featherweights, beautiful though as they may have been, were out of my price range. (Plus I’d have wanted it more for me than for her)
I found an antique Singer toy machine that would have been a dream on a little table in my sewing room (Once I get it cleaned up) but some communication with the dealer taught me that the “not actually working” aspect of toy sewing machines is nothing new. I still really wanted that little machine for her (or me) it was such a pretty shade of aqua…sigh.
Anyway, she wrote her letter and here’s what she ended up asking for.

Slippers with elephants on the toes.
Becky, is the elephant on her left foot, and that’s Holly on her right.
I haven’t heard mention of a her-size sewing machine since.
Santa must have found polka dot slippers at Wal*Mart, made some elephants out of fantastic wool felt from the stash and then stitched them all together.
When she opened them she said “They’re just like I asked for! Only, I didn’t actually want polka dots,” She made peace with the dots very quickly and preferred her slippers to any other foot wear available.
That is how she came to be wearing them when we stopped to use the potty in the small Northern Arizona town where she vomited on the floor of the service station.
Holly’s toe got a little mussed in the ordeal, but I’m pleased to report that she’s safe and clean again.

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