For my Brotha

My husband and my brother share a love. This love is known the world over and is called by many names,(where many=two) the name we use, is Ping Pong.
We didn’t leave town the day I wrote this. The delay gave me the time to take on this long put-off project.

A case for the beloved paddle of my little brother.
If he’d owned such a thing (the paddle, not the case) back in the days when we lived under the same roof and I was called upon to occasionally babysit him, I surely would have taken possession of the item and used it to smack him.
And he would have deserved it.

These days our relationship operates at a much more mature level. A level that allowed me to craft a cozy zippered home for a well loved ping pong paddle.

(you’ll have to excuse the blurry photo, it’s the only one I got of that pocket before giving it away.)

I made the case out of an old hoodie of the Mr’s. The accent plaid was also a shirt of the Mr’s in it’s former life. The zippers were in my stash, and I used regular old yarn in place of cotton cord to make the piping. That makes for one inexpensive Christmas gift. More thoughtful though, than the i-tunes gift card he would have received in it’s place had we made it out of the house that day.

p.s. The movie “Ping Pong Playa” comes highly recommended by The Mr.

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