Eva; Winter Wuss, Pampered Pansy

Yesterday, on our first morning in winter, I started the car, put it in reverse and discovered that my rear view camera was iced over. “Now how am I going to get out of the driveway?” I thought with disgust. Then I remembered the rear view mirror and mocked myself as I backed up the old fashioned way.

The other night, we pulled up to my brother‘s house and I noted his un-shoveled drive.(love you Boy) I thought about how, if we moved to a climate that included snow, I’d have to shovel it. That was never my responsibility when I lived here. Then, as I (ok, the Mr was actually the one on the drift side) climbed out of the car into a snow drift I remembered the ugly truth about visiting friends in winter time. Unless the friend in question has ample space in the drive way, you will be climbing into a snow-drift when you de-car. Either that or the ankle deep slush of the road. In that moment, all I could say was “Winter is…awful”
In spite of all that, I am enjoying my stay. We had a very Merry Christmas and if I can find another spare minute, I’ll show you some of the things I made for it.
Fare thee well

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  1. In my defense, I had been out of town until just a few hours before you arrived at my driveway, and had only spent about an hour at the residence since my return. My drive is currently clean and clear with ample room beside my beast of a work truck for Dusty Miller or most any other vehicle thank you very much.


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