A gift idea and a how to: painted cds

I love tucking my favorite Christmas mix in with some goodies for neighbor gifts. I love it so much in fact, I’ve done it for the past two years.
Ok, technically I’ve only done it one year. Two years ago I passed out blank cds. I carefully ran each one through the CD burner but I found out after they’d all been distributed that the shell script the Mr wrote to enable me to burn them all with one simple click of the mouse had malfunctioned.
Saving me from complete embarrassment over the incident was the crafty inspiration I’d had to up the festive quotient of the gift by painting the CDs. My friends and neighbors got a fancied up CD on which to burn their favorite Christmas mix. It wasn’t what I’d intended (I would have enclosed a note explaining the intent if it had been) but it was better than a plain old blank CD.
Last year Zizza did the painting and handed them out to her Joy School friends. (after I triple checked to make sure there was actually something burned on them)
Here’s what we used.
CDs (last years were the printable kind with a white papery surface. that makes it a little easier to paint on but I actually prefer the silvery sheen of a regular disc)
Half a broken jewel case (To keep painty fingers off the back)
Acrylic paint
Water for rinsing
A pencil. (if you’re using printable CDs)

I started by outlining the shapes Ziz wanted to paint with the pencil.

She got right to it and painted up a storm.

With the outlines filled in, she focused on embellishment.

Here’s the finished batch from that day’s painting. As you can see, she added a holly bush to the tree CD. The m&m’s on the candy cane one were all her own as well.
She got carried away on that blue one, I think we went back and added some white snowflakes once it was dry.

These are the CD’s I handed out blank in aught 7
This one was my favorite.
I wasn’t planning to do any this year, but it looks like such fun I might break the paints out if I can find a minute.
By the way, if you need suggestions to fill out your mix, remember you can’t go wrong with Wham’s “Last Christmas.” That’s a classic right there.

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