Pumpkin Pancakes

A few years back I was introduced to this recipe by a friend.
I didn’t know if I would like it. Plain pancakes with nothing but plenty of melted butter had always been my true breakfast love. I’m an adult, however, not the picky eater of my childhood and I’ve learned to give new things a chance…sometimes.
I tried the pumpkin pancakes and it was worth it, they are good.
That first morning eating pumpkin pancakes, three year old Zizza and eight month old Enzo polished off four apiece. If I hadn’t been hooked before, that would have done it.
Now a days I make them just about every time we have breakfast for dinner. The pumpkin in there counts as a vegetable see, and that makes me feel better about things nutritionally.
I also like to use whole wheat flour in this recipe. It gives the pancakes a nice texture.
True the picky child inside of me, my favorite way to eat them is with nothing but plenty of melted butter.
Syrup or cinnamon sugar are fine too but butter alone is just so good I don’t need to bother with anything else.
By the way, thanks Stacey

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