I went to the Chinese bakery
To get a loaf of bread
She asked me what my was
and this is what I said

My name is El-eye El-eye
Chickel-eye Chickel-ey
Pom-pom beauty
Walla Walla whiskey
Indian Cheif,

Five years I’ve been waiting to teach this gem of a clapping game to my child. Time after time I fail.
Admittedly, my first attempt (I think she was two) was a little early.
She’s five now. That’s old enough for kindergarten, old enough for recess. She should be ready.
It’s time to launch initiative “Teach Zizza to Play School-Yard Clapping Games”
I think I’ll start in with something a little simpler than the above. “Peas Porridge” would be a good one. Also example videos might be a beneficial tool. This one comes to mind. Sorry, embedding is disabled so you’ll have to go to the link.
I’ll let you know the initiative proceeds.

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  1. I shall lend you the influence of Karissa and Kelsey then. Hand clapping games are them. Last Wednesday they had off of school and I was cleaning and packing us up for our visit home for Thanksgiving. They would not be helpful for the life of them. Upon fussing and fighting up a storm they were sent to their room for the duration of the afternoon while I worked alone. Did they cry or mope? No. All afternoon I heard giggles and hand clapping. I think they wrote a few orriginal songs too. Stinkers.

  2. Ha, ha. It's funny how things are taught. What I mean is, I sang that same song, but instead of Chickel-eye, I remember it as twinkle-eye.

    I know there were many a rhyme that me and my friends would battle over the wordage too.


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