You’ll never guess what I just sang to Enzo as a lullaby

I regularly take requests during our bed-time snuggle. Tonight he wanted a “Library Song”
The only thing that came to mind was “Reading Rainbow” so I sang it with all the vigor that I remember from those days in elementary school when as a special treat the teachers would herd a few classrooms worth of children into the ELR (do any of my elementary school comrades happen tot know what that stands for?) where we’d sit in rows “Indian style” (how’s that for “P.C.”?) and watch Lavar do his thing.
Inevitably as the opening sequence began one child after another would break out into song. I remember a boy named Ian who sang along with unmatched fervency. As the song progressed the strength of the impromptu chorus grew finally ending with most every child holding a strong forced vibrato on the last note of the final “rainbow.”
I always viewed the practice with a combination of terror ( I was very shy) and scorn (Let’s just say Ian put on quite a show) I did however quite enjoy singing the number in the comfort of my home, thus I was well prepared to sing it this evening.
Sadly, since it doesn’t actually include the word “library” the song didn’t satisfy the request and I had to sing one of those impromptu made-up numbers repeating the requested word until he’d had his fill. It just goes to show, in the world of lullaby’s there’s no accounting for tastes.

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