Get me some purple leather, STAT!

I currently have a brown purse. I don’t know what’s become of me.
When I was purse shopping last I found a fantastic dark purple one. At the time I was only minorly impressed, but the idea has grown on me.
Couple that with my increasing disappointment with the purse I bought that day and you have a girl in need of a big purple purse
My brown one is attractive and all, but brown is just so “gihhhh” When I bought it I told myself that having a neutral bag would be ok because my clothes would be enough to convey my love of the bright side (incidentally, the t-shirt I’m wearing now is inscribed with the words “the bright side”) but I have changed my mind. I am not projecting my true self when I carry a brown purse.
Another problem with my current bag is it’s lack of space. I had been sans children for a day and a half when I bought it and that clouded my judgment. I keep showing up places with not a spare diaper or wipe to my name because I removed my diaper wallet to save space on a quick trip and never put it back.
Long story short, I just decided I want a bag like this out of royal purple leather. That would be dreamy.
I supposed if I compromised and made it out of royal purple not-leather I’d have a much larger chance of ever actually making it.
In any case, I need a new bag. One that’s screaming with vibrant color and roomy enough for the diapers.


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