The New One’s Shoes

Would you just look at how adorable these little shoes are?

The New One doesn’t like the feel of her feet on the floor, in so much that she will not let them touch down if they are bare. This meant that we needed shoes. Shoes with a soft sole. Shoes that she could wear every day.
I started looking around Etsy because I wanted something that would make me as happy, or at least close to as happy, as cute little bare baby toes do when I see them. Nothing I was finding in stores was fitting the bill. I knew I’d have to really love whatever I bought because without that love I might forget to put them on her and if I never put them on, and she never put her feet on the floor, how would she ever learn to walk?
I chose the elephant shoes from scandeez because of everything I looked at they were the best combination of functional and attractive. Also because gray is currently my favorite neutral and as part of the “wear them everyday” thing neutral was necessary.

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