Almost got me

I’ve just realized I didn’t post yesterday.
With two years of NaBloPoMo under my belt I seem to have gotten cocky and let things slide.
Now NaBloPoMo is smirking as only a rebounding foe can smirk and yelling things like “How do you like me now?” and “Thought you’d kicked my hinder eh? Turns out, my hinder isn’t that easy to kick! This was my plan all along and not I’ve GOT YOU!”
Obviously I can’t stand around and take that kind of abuse. I’ve got to get back on that horse and show NaBloPoMo who’s boss.
I’m posting now, and I’ll be posting later. Oh yes I will. I’m not about to let some month long blogging challenge get the better of me!

This morning I was taught by a 22 year old man who walked on his toes like my little brother how to avoid having my mouth vomited in while administering rescue breaths to an unconscious individual.
I learned other things as well, like how to give yourself the Heimlich in your car if you happen to choke while driving. (Pull over, roll down your window, position yourself so your upper body is hanging out of the car through the window as you kneel on your seat. Fall against the windowsill like you would a chair back were you Heimleching yourself in the comfort of your home) Also, the toe-walking instructor has a friend who has had to do this not once, but twice.
Dude, stop eating jaw-breakers in stop and go traffic.
Currently residing in my wallet is a CPR card with my name on it. My new skill set makes me a much better foster care provider. Of this you can be sure.

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