Boot Shopping

I went to Dillard’s today to do a little boot reconnaissance.
If you recall, I was referred there by a reliable source.
We were at the mall as a family and The New One and I stole away from the rest while The Mr. kept them corralled in the children’s section at Barnes and Noble.
I entered Dillard’s on the second floor. Since the shoes are on the first floor and I was pushing a stroller my first order of business was to locate the elevator.
I found it without trouble, boarded and pressed the button for the first floor.
When the door opened again I got out , maneuvered around the stroller of the mother waiting to get in, and went in search of shoes.
The first thing I noticed when I got out of the elevator alcove was that the same old lady who was working in the department upstairs seemed to be downstairs as well.
“Maybe there’s an employees only elevator back in the corner right here,” I thought. Then I laughed at my own silliness and decided that Dillard’s and old ladies must just get along thus, the matching employees upstairs and down.
I couldn’t find the shoes, though I did notice an alluring sweater dress, so I asked an associate for assistance and was directed down stairs. I was surprised at first but then I remembered that the Dillard’s in Fashion Place mall back in Utah has a basement, so why not this one? The hole in this hypothesis was my memory of the 2 floor options on the elevator key pad.
When I was once again passenger in the elevator I found my memory to be accurate. There were indeed only 2 floors available for my shopping pleasure.
So the first time I was in the elevator I either pressed the 2 by mistake and then stood there, not moving until someone outside pressed the button and the door opened, or I pressed the right button, the elevator went down and then forgot to open up and let me off before going back up to fetch it’s next passenger.
I suppose I’ll never know what actually happened in the elevator today. It will remain one of the mysteries of my life.

My second elevator attempt was successful. At long last I gained my destination and was well rewarded.
I’ve been looking around for a pair of gray boots. Something casual and comfy that I’ll be able to wear most every day all winter long. This pair have been on my Wist in yonder side bar for months now.
They are what I asked after in the store today. I couldn’t remember who made them though, so the sales associate and I wandered through the department each with our eye out and you’ll never guess what I found.
You remember Missy’s boots right? I just linked to them up there at the beginning of the post. Remember now?
Ok, here’s the picture.

After seeing them that night I hopefully looked them up on Dillard’s website with my fingers crossed for gray and was disappointed. The only colors listed were tobacco (as above) and black.
Imagine my surprise when I walk straight into a gray pair proudly on display in the store!
I know!
And you’ll never guess what comes next. I’m looking around while the kind associate goes to get my size and on the table just beyond is the Dolce Vita boot.
And it’s on sale.!
$20.00 less that I’ve seen it anywhere else.
You probably think I’m sitting here in a band new pair fabulous gray boots and you’re just waiting to find out whether they’ve got wedge heels or not.
I’m not wearing new boots though.
The BCBG’s zipped over my husky calves but only just, and the boot I buy will need room to accommodate a tucked in pant leg. Plus, as beautiful and comfy as the heel was, I’m less likely to wear something with a heel in the midst of my regular mommy life and I’m in the market for an all the time sort of a thing here.
The Dolce Vita’s were roomy enough, but a flat dissapoints after a nice heel. It’s an unavoidable truth. Also, the boots in the store were “sand” rather than “grigio.” They were, for all intents and purposes, gray excepting the tan buckle straps which were a total downer.
Long story short, I couldn’t commit, but I’ll be dreaming of the BCBG boots tonight. If they’d been the pair on sale you can bet I would have forgotten my objections to their practicality and plunked down my money.
I guess I’m glad for that. There’s not much worse than buying a boot you adore and not being able to wear it the way you want to for this or that reason.

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