Thank goodness

The kids are finally in bed.
For a while there I honestly didn’t think I was going to make it through.
Sundays without church are a major bummer.
It didn’t help that while the kids were sick enough that I couldn’t take them to church, they weren’t sick enough to be sweet and cuddly.
They were plenty sick to be irritable, but well enough not to be sleepy.
When The Mr. got home from Church I was sitting on the top stair concentrating my entire attention on making sure no one opened their bedroom doors.
Oh Sunday, you’re usually a favorite of mine but this week I’m afraid you were a horror!

One Response to Thank goodness

  1. So sorry you had a bad day!! Hopefully the sun will be shining tomorrow and all will be well! 🙂 LOVE the nesting cubes, I like how they all have different types of closures…very nice!! And as far as the painting goes….?? I think the putty/sanding will work! Good luck!


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