Advice requested.

So, We bought this dining set. I’ve had my eye out for something this shape for ages and finally found something on Craig’s list Hurrah!

The only trouble is this shell motif that’s carved in the legs. I’d really rather have smooth legs (that’s why I shave every day)

It seems to me that with a combination of wood putty and sanding, I could make the shell design disappear. But I don’t know anything about refinishing furniture, or wood working, or anything of the sort. I’m planning to paint the whole thing so the bare wood won’t need to look pretty.

Tell me friends. Is my goal attainable?
Will elbow grease and the advice of more experienced friends leave me with a smooth legged table, or should I learn to live with the shells?

Also, what kind of paint and brushes should I use? And how do I avoid paint drips? And what else do you think I should know?
All advice will be appreciated, thank you.

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