We found him

We found the slowest cashier in the world. He works at a local Wal*Mart.
After completing our shopping we hopped in line. There was only one party ahead of us and they were already in the middle of their transaction when we arrived on the scene so we thought it would be quick.
Soon we realized it was anything but.
As we waited there, batting little hands away from the candy display we assumed that the people ahead of us were causing the hold up. Maybe the woman was a couponer and new at it. Maybe they picked up the one pack of socks with the bar code smeared off and some one had to be called from the hosiery dept. to provide the missing information. Maybe they were dividing their bill between 3 different cards, the change in the bottom of their collective purses and a personal check.
Finally it was our turn. We stepped into position at the register and learned that our judgments had been false. The patrons who preceded us were in no way responsible for the hold up. They were in fact, victims of the snails pace themselves.
The tortoise at the register was a polite teenaged fellow. Tall and lank with shaggy hair and combination skin. He was as adorable (in a teenager sort of way) as he was slow.
He picked up one item at a time, scanning each with no sense of hurry and placing them sloth-like into bags…lots of bags.
I just finished unloading. There was one bag that held 8 cups of yogurt, a can of bamboo sprouts and two cans of coconut milk. That, I think was an appropriate load. The shampoo and dish soap, on the other hand each occupied their own bag and I’m afraid the rest of our order was packed in a similar manner.
The Mr and I exchanged bemused glances throughout the transaction. It really was amazing to see. I didn’t know the process of checking out at Wal*Mart could be so slow.

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