I met Ree Drummond, The real, actual Pioneer Woman I will share with you a few high lights of our interview.
First we see that as I approach the photo-op position, my mouth is open nearly wide enough to turn my head inside out.
Mean while, it seems Ree is checking her text messages. I saw this photo and hoped there was a corresponding tweet. If there had been a twitter update within an hours window of the time I was there beside her, I would have printed it out, put it in a twin frame with this photo and claimed to have witnessed it’s creation.

Now, I think this is when she saw the baby, (Megan’s) and said “What are you doin’ to me?” She likes babies, remember?

So we admired the baby a little more, and I told her how I almost brought her a baby gift just in case she decided to go for it and give Marlboro Man a chance at a boy named “Bull”

And then this happened.

Apparently Ree was telling a hilarious joke and I was unable to contain my mirthful response.
Either that or I was trying to take a bite out of the baby with my shiny new, enormous (seriously, those things look huge) teeth.

Also there were these beautiful things. They belong to Missy. Ree once described her as a glamourpuss. If that’s what she is, I want to be one too.

Don’t worry, I found out where they came from. Missy volunteered the information before I had to be so tacky as to ask.
Dillards can be expecting a visit from yours truly one of these first days.
Ree was wearing those heels she had to hike home from church in when she was in New York last summer. You know, the black ones with the wedge heel? I noticed as I was walking away. If only I’d been able to ask where to find a pair of those.
To sum up; Photographic evidence suggests that I may not be physically capable of closing my mouth. I may or may not devour babies, and I love me a wedge heel.
Good Night.


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