Dropped it

The NaBloPoMo ball that is. And on the first throw too.
I’m not gonna lie, it stings a little.
In my defense, yesterday was a busy day. I baked a birthday cake that was slightly recognizable as Minnie Mouse and a vast number of cheese pinwheels for Zizza’s birthday dinner, and, and. The Mr. attempted to convert my lappy here into a hackintosh. It didn’t work, so I’m running ubuntu again, safe and sound but I had only limited access to my computer yesterday.
So, you see? I really couldn’t post. Outside influences (i.e. my husband and my baking habit) converged and prevented me, by force, from posting on the first day of November. It really couldn’t be helped. (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway)
Just to prove my story, here’s a picture of the Minnie Mouse cake.

Ok, actually it seems that I forgot to take picture of the cake. Here’s a messy action shot though. You can kind of see it there on the table, See, the bow was purple (or blueish) instead of red with white polka dots.

And here’s what the cake looks like now.


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