Practice post edit #2

NaBloPoMo is fast approaching. I need to remind myself how to write a post with only a days worth of fodder.
I went into Enzo’s room this morning and found him shivering and naked curled up in a ball in the middle of the floor.
Not only was his bed wet, the waterproof pad had slipped out of position leaving the mattress to soak up the puddle. Awesome.
There was also a fairly substantial pool of liquid in front of the toilet. I’m a little confused about this one. If that was pee, the child who left it there was remarkably well hydrated. It looked like someone poured a glass of water on the floor. It’s not as though that hasn’t happened before but it still seems unlikely to me. I guess I should just congratulate myself on having well hydrated children. Doubly well hydrated if Enzo was the floor culprit. To leave such a clear puddle after already soaking one’s bed is really something!

Post edit number one
While I was writing the above I heard Enz come out of his room and go into the bathroom. This caused me no alarm as up until our trip last weekend (by the way, we went to Disney Land. More to come) he routinely took himself to the bathroom during quiet time for an afternoon poo. I was actually glad to hear him getting back to normal after the trip.
I found him shivering and naked again. He had not taken himself to the potty. He had pooped his pants and cleaned it up himself. The entire bathroom was soaked. His soiled underpants had been well rinsed and shoved in the dryer with the bedding that had been newly clean and dry after this morning’s adventure. His shirt was on the floor, damp, and his pants, along with an inch of water, were in the bucket where we deposit such unsavory things.
It’s no wonder he was freezing. I’d left the window in his room open so the heavy scent of lysol would dissipate more quickly. If he’d stayed in bed tucked under a fluffy quilt the cool breeze from the window would have made for ideal napping conditions. Wet and naked however, it left him goose bumped and shivering.

Post edit number two
We were invited to “Spooky Hour” with cousins tonight. It was all kinds of fun. Then Enzo had diarrhea in his pants followed by his third bath of the day.
I should have called this post something like “The day the sewage flowed” or “And the sluice gate stands open” or “Meet pee and poo, my two best friends”
Here’s hoping I don’t have to deal with any more incidents until morning.

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