Did you know…

if your best friend is a mermaid she has to sit in the tub when she comes to visit?

It’s true.

Zizza’s friend has what we call a healthy appreciation for Ariel. I offered to make her Halloween costume on the premise that it would make a fantastic tutorial.
A mermaid costume can be an intimidating project. I was determined to make it more approachable. I pared down my ideas of grandeur, the shell bra is not padded, the tail doesn’t have a single quilted scale. Still, I think it’s a pretty cool costume. Best of all, I did it all excepting the waist ruffle within a single afternoon nap.
Now, you might be thinking “That’s all great Ev, but where’s the tut?” I set out to write it but in my haste to prove that the project truly did fit in the “quick and easy” category, I failed to document all of the steps. I uploaded something like 40 photos but I was still missing shots for so many key elements, I couldn’t make the tutorial come together.
If you ever need email advice on how to make a mermaid costume though, I’m your girl!

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