Goodness gracious sakes alive,

Is she really, truly five?

Yes, yes she is. And she loves posing so much that she got out of the pool to plan and practice poses for her “the minute she was born” picture.

You know what? You can take a lot more than just one picture in sixty seconds.

Even when the shoot is punctuated with the subject loosing her balance and falling out of the challenging pose she selected for herself.
What she was aiming for was essentially what you yogis would call “Half moon pose” That’s a tricky one. I can only accomplish it with the utmost calm and focus.
A minute really is a long time though. Long enough that she even moved into the kiddie pool to give half moon one more try.

And that is how we spent the minute in which Baby Girl, my Zizza, was officially and exactly five years old.
Happy Birthday Zizza, I adore you.

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