The Mr’s clothes

We had family portraits taken last evening. During the next few days while I wait to get them back so I can show them off, I’m going to out line what each of us wore. Today we’ll discuss the Mr.

Last month I bought a shirt which I intended to use for the long promised (sorry) romper tutorial. When I started thinking about what to dress everybody in for our pictures that shirt came to mind and what do you know? It’s his size! Thus, the romper tutorial was delayed yet again and my Mr had a shirt to wear for our photos.
The shirt is in the laundry right now, but when it’s clean I’ll take a picture and add it to the post. I could wait until my laundry’s done to post about the shirt at all, but I’m afraid it would never happen if I took that route.

It’s clean now, here’s the picture

Along with the pilfered shirt, he wore the first pair of properly fitting jeans I’ve ever known him to don, and brown Vans.

Here’s where things get interesting. Yesterday morning I woke up having just dreamed of the final needed touch to his ensemble. Something that would buoy up his casual attire to meet the formality of mine while simultaneously reigning my outfit into a more relate-able sphere.
The missing piece of his ensemble was a tie. A casual solid navy blue tie worn loosely with jeans and rolled shirtsleeves would work like magic in this outfit.
Still in my pajamas with two and a half hours wanting from picture time I set out to make the tie, and I botched it.
Today I realized that while the navy blue silk tie in his closet would strike an odd touch to that outfit in person, it would have read fine in a photograph.
I’m going to fix my tie mistake and make him wear it on a date sometime. It will always be missing from our photos, but seeing the completed outfit will help soothe the pain.

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