Hot and not

This turned out to be the perfect posting premise for me today, well yesterday but I didn’t get around to typing it out until today.


Halloween: I hostessed a costume exchange last night so I spent Tuesday digging out my Halloween decor. I have a few little projects to do still. Cut out bats to hang from the light fixtures, foot prints on the ceiling, that kind of thing. I haven’t decorated for Halloween in the past few years (too focused on the costumes) and I’ve missed it.

I was at the Gap on Tuesday and admired these pants from afar. I thought they were fabulous but I didn’t take the time to even walk over to the display.
Yesterday there was a yellow crayon on the landing of my stairs. Every time I walked up or down and saw that crayon my heart’s desire for yellow cropped cords with shiny brass buttons grew a little stronger.
I picked up the crayon before things got so out of hand as to send me running back to the Gap.

My teeth are smokin hot, it’s a shame ever to close my lips.


I spent my childhood watching my mother arrange flowers.
I had some silk sunflowers hanging around left over from The New One’s birthday party and I decided to make them into an autumnal arrangement as part of my decorating extravaganza.
Turns out, arranging flowers is harder than it looks. My attempt looks like a clumpy Christmas tree done in shades of yellow and orange.
Good news though, my childhood observations left me armed with the knowledge of how to rewire flowers that have been left with unfortunately short stems. I just need to find some wire strong enough to support those heavy sunflowers and I think I can fix my sad little clump of autumn.

Retainers. Ugh. Don’t get me wrong, they’re better than braces and I only have to wear them full time for a week, then it will be strictly nighttime wear. In the mean time though, dang! These things are annoying!

The Las Vegas Ragnar starts tomorrow and I wish I was running it. I wimped out because I didn’t want to train in the heat and or organize a team.
I hate when I wimp out!
We drive along part of the course on our way to and from Utah. That would be an awesome run. Sigh, …maybe next year.

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