My own

I was touched by the sympathy I received over my devotion to small stainless steel drinking cups. What is life without the support of friends?
Just look at what came of it.

Yes, that is my very own.
Melissa spent a morning scouring e-bay on my behalf and she was successful! Six hours after she sent me the link to the auction I won the same and learned for myself that dreams come true.
The treasured item arrived here on Monday and has never once made it to the cupboard. Every time I wash it, someone starts drinking from it before I can put it away.
There are a few differences between my new prize and the beloved of my mother’s. Hers, as I’ve mentioned, are stainless steel whereas mine is pewter. Also the handles on her cups are a bit smaller and of a more uniform width than mine. For reference here’s the picture of one of the cups at my mother’s house;

And here again for your viewing pleasure is my new heirloom

Now, If I can find copies of Louisa May Alcott’s works from the same edition as reside in the barrister bookcases of my parent’s living room (My least favorite of which is Little Women, uggh) then I’ll be in business.

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