This is about poo. Just to give you a fair warning.

Potty training is going swimmingly. Enzo is a super duper potty pooper. There has only been one poop accident and it happened withinn the first diaper free hour.
He likes to do his business in private which suits me just fine. Especially after the experience we had with Zizza who needed lots of moral support in the event of a number two.
This morning I woke up a few minutes to six to the sound of the potty seat clattering onto the toilet. I drug myself up the the bathroom and saw to it that he redressed and washed his hands. Then I sent him back to bed.
Soon it was time for the Mr to get up and leave for his Sunday morning meetings. Before he left he told me that Enz had gotten back up and completed his business in the bathroom (I had apparently arrived too soon, remember he likes privacy) and gone back to his room but he would likely be up and about any minute.
Fifteen minutes later I got up and found him bear bumed on the bottom step. He had his pajama bottoms in his hand. On the step where he sat was a fresh skid mark. I guess the Mr. rushed him too so he had to take a third trip to the bathroom to finish up. I wasn’t complaining though. I’d much rather clean up skid marks than full on messed pants.
We proceeded to get the boy dressed, but I could only find one pair of clean little boy underpants. That was confusing, he’s kept them dry so he’s only used one pair a day and I have done laundry. Further investigation showed that the bulk of the boy unders were in the dryer, forgotten, still wet and quite musty.
I started that load over again and with things thus under control, betook myself to the kitchen to bake a pie. Meanwhile the boy went potty again and came down stairs bear bummed… Again.
This time there were no skidmarks, so that was good news. The bad news is that I haven’t figured out what he did with his one available pair of underwear. I have searched this house. I can’t find them.
The boys current ensemble consitst of the following; pajama bottoms.
Now I knew he wasn’t super thrilled with the underwear he had on earlier. They were tightys and he preffers a boxer short. But did he hide them? Were the tightys so unbearable that he purposely concealed them from me?
You’ll have to excuse me now. I can hear that the dryer is through running and I’ve got to get a pair of underoos on this boy. Thank goodness he won’t have to free ball it at church after all.

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