Cup of life

There are two of them. They are about two and a half inches tall, and they’re loved like no dish has ever been loved before. When I was in Utah last my mother said that if ever one went missing, the first place she’d look would be in cupboards of her children.
It pains me that she has so little trust in her offspring. To think that any one of us would pilfer cherished items from her home!
Earlier, I was so distraught about it all I could do was sit by my window and play sad songs on her ukulele.
Those stainless steel cups are one of my favorite things in the world.
I use them for nearly all of my water drinking when I’m there. Since they only have the capacity to hold about a half cup of water, it’s necessary to stand at the sink and refill repeatedly until your thirst is quenched.
I so consistently choose the little stainless darlings that once when we were there last June and I tried giving Zizza a drink in a different cup she looked at me like I was mad and asked where the silver one was.
My bestest, Cassandra has an appreciation for them as well. She never visits there but we end up at the kitchen sink draining cupful after stainless steel cupful. Sometimes only one of the cups is available for use. When this happens, we take turns passing the one cup back and forth until we’ve both had our fill.
I asked My mother once if I could someday inherit the cups. Surely no one could love them as I do, I never see any of the others standing at the sink for extended periods of time in order to maintain their daily water requirements.
She said she was pretty sure that in fact, everyone in the family loves them as much as I do (for all they don’t show it). To make matters worse, the two cups entered the household as gifts to a pair of my older siblings from a visiting aunt and so those two have first rights.
If you know where I could find cups like this to purchase I’d be indebted to you.

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