Take that, diapers

Today I started potty training in earnest. I’ve been pussy-footing around it for months now and it was time to act.
I also started canning my pears for the year. I’ve got a batch of pear butter in my crock pot right now making my house smell like a big slice of heavenly pie.
You’d think I would have shifted one task or the other so they wouldn’t land on the same day but neither could be delayed so both it was, and actually, it was a pretty great arrangement.
I kept Enzo and his potty nearby while I worked in the kitchen. He was busy helping his doll go potty and I was busy peeling pears. Every so often I’d call over my shoulder and ask him if his pants were dry.
Having a task to keep my hands busy kept me from sitting there, staring at him, waiting for him to pee and that made all of us more happy.
One of those times a few months ago when I was going to bite the bullet and get him out of diapers I made a whole stack of little boxer shorts.
Now I finally know what a rip roaring success that project was. Enz loves his underpants. He gathered the whole array in his arms and took them to bed with him at quiet time. Also, they are easy for him to get on and off all by himself.

I worried about how poop-accidents would go in a boxer short situation. The thought that it would all fall straight out one leg or the other almost had me running to the store for tighties. We had one of those incidents today, and thanks to my decision to make the shorts with a gusseted seat, everything stayed contained. That gusset is like a little poop hammock, it caught the mess and kept it off the floor.
I’ll bet you could have gone your whole life without hearing the phrase “poop hammock.”
You’re welcome.

The Orange Crush was his reward for peeing in the potty. Thanks to his love of, and generally limited access to, soda pop together with it’s tendency to shoot straight through a person, he peed on the potty three times before lunch.

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