We partied

I didn’t take nearly enough pictures, but here are a few,
The cake was fantastic in spite of having slid during the car ride. One side was slightly smushed but I just turned that to the back and pretended it wasn’t there.

Here’s the cake minus the frosting. That skinny layer in the middle is the monster to my Dr Frankenstein. I used it, and I wasn’t sorry.

I almost always have some home made hot fudge in my frigidaire, (necessities, you know) In what may have been my finest culinary hour, I drizzled that between each layer to cement them together. My nephew declared that he wants his next cake to be frosted entirely in in hot fudge, and I’ve got to agree with him that it’s a great idea.
Evidently, my brother in law enjoyed the potato salad.

The New One spent her time being adorable in her birthday tutu and chatting it up with her guests. Also, putting things on her head…it’s one of her favorite pass times.

Enzo, ran, played and ate cake. I hardly saw my two older children all evening. They were so busy with cousins and friends.

Zizza ran off first thing and made a “Sand Angel.” Thanks, Curious George for that idea.
She spent the next hour itchy and scratching the heck out of her little arms. Finally I rinsed off her arms and legs with a water bottle and her uncle came to the rescue and finished the job with baby wipes. She was much happier after that, and I’m pretty sure she’ll give up sand angels and stick with the snow variety in the future.
Thanks, to everyone who came and if you need lunch anytime this week, stop on by. I’ve still got enough food for a small army.

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