For a bouncing baby boy

I promised my friend Mindi I’d always make the clothes for her babies to be blessed in.
Here’s what I made for her new wee boy.

I used this method to fell the sleeve seams, and it was everything I hoped it would be. I’ll do it that way from here on out.

I had to get creative to make the snap tape line up the way I wanted it to. Next time I buy that stuff I’m going to look for closer snap placement.

I made a choice of ties. Dots…

or stripes.

Now, my only concern is whether it ended up fitting. When I talked to Mindi before I started sewing, the little fella was a seven pound peanut. That combined with my memory of how bitsy tiny a baby his big sister was led me to make his outfit on the small side.
I met the darling boy the night before he was scheduled to wear the ensemble and he had chunked it up! Such a sweet little butter ball you never did see! I haven’t heard yet if his clothes fit or not.
What if neither of the bands for the ties was big enough to stretch over his round little head? I’m giving my self heart palpitations worrying over something that was over and done weeks ago.
Excuse me, I’ve got to contact the child’s mother immediately to find out if it fit him or not so I can sleep tonight.

Oh, by the way I’ll be making another of these this week and taking photographs along the way for a tutorial. So If you’ve got a little boy to sew for, stay tuned.

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