Catherine Tilney?

I started reading “Northanger Abbey” last night and I dare say it’s my favorite of Jane Austen’s works. Aside from “Pride and Prejudice” which, like Christmas, is in a category all of it’s own.
If you ask someone what their favorite holiday is and they say “Christmas” you have to assume one of two things about that person. Either they didn’t understand the question, or they have no imagination.
Yes, of course you like Christmas. It’s fabulous. There are parties and presents and good things to eat and let’s not even get started on the wonders of Christmas music. All of that is exactly why it can’t be numbered among the other holidays. It’s more of a holi-month. The mere holi-days can’t possibly compare.
Incase you wondered, my favorite holiday is Halloween. The love of costumes runs too deep in my veins to give anyother a chance.
Anyway, back to the book. I knew I’d found a favorite after the frst page. The assertion only grew in strength as I read on.
I love that the Mother is neither unpleasent or dead.
I love that the heroine is one of ten children, like myself.
I love Miss Austen’s assides to the reader. Her tangent on the reading of novels by heroines of the same was fantastic.
Finally, I love Mr. Tilney. So far, Catherine has only had the one conversation with him. I don’t know yet whether he is the hero, but in that one conversation I decided that hero or not, he is one of the best male characters I’ve read.
Maybe it was because he talks dresses so well. Maybe it’s because reading an actual conversation between a heroine and her newfound love interest was so refreshing. Maybe it’s because I personally found him charming. Anyway, I like him.
Can’t wait to finish the book.

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