Ok, I’m about to tell you something awesome.
Do you read The Pioneer Woman? You know how she always has dreamy giveaways but since approximately forty-three gajillion people enter every one you never think you have any sort of chance at winning?
For a while I entered every time anyway. Even if the prize wasn’t something I was interested in winning. (like a kitchenaid mixer. They’re fantastic, it’s true, but that’s why I already have one) Eventually I quit entering for things I didn’t want and then I even quit entering for stuff I did want because thinking about my forty-three gajillion to one chances of winning was too discouraging.
Finally I reached a healthy place where if she was giving away something I’d be thrilled to win, and If I had something worth saying as a comment, I would enter.
So a while back, Ree hosted a giveaway for a $300 shopping spree at Blue Q. To enter, you wee to leave a comment stating the last thing you bought just for yourself because you’re worth it. I had submitted the order for these shoes literally minutes before reading the giveaway post so I entered.
And I won.

That’s me, Eva commenter 13,445.
I saw my name there, and I gasped. Then I said to the Mr. “I think I just won a Pioneer Woman Giveaway!” then I searched through all of the comments to make sure I really was number 13,445. When I found that it was indeed me, I looked up with shinning eyes and said “It’s like I’m famous!”
I have corresponded with Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. How cool is that?
Anyway, $300 goes a long way at Blue Q. I pretty much went through the entire site and got one or two of everything.
It was fabulous! Here is all the stuff I got.

Somethings I ordered for mine own self, some I planned as gifts. I’ve even given some away already. I also planned to give a little something away here.
To enter, tell me how crazy jealous you are that I won.
Ok, not really.
Just leave a comment and I’ll pick a winner after a while.

17 Responses to Giveaway!

  1. I'm super jealous that you won! And happy for you. I'm also super jealous that twice now you have done your own giveaway. (At least twice that I've read about…)

    I secretly held a giveaway last week. Sadly, no one won. B/c no one posted a comment…
    to one of the easiest questions ever, too!

  2. I REALLY am jealous that you won. Me- I win nothing- EVER!!! (I was the ONLY name not chosen as a winner 2 MONTHS in a row at round table- seriously, that's how UN lucky about these things I am!) Ok, so I did win a photo shoot with N. Davis, but when I went to redeem that winning, I was informed she no longer does her photography due to health reasons, so technically I didn't win. PLEASE pick me!!!


    I'll tell you how crazy jealous I am! Every time she gives away a camera I hyperventilate a little and enter with feelings of despair because how could I possibly expect to win with a 1 in 3 kajillion chance!?!

    And look, you won! It gives me hope!

    (But don't pick me to win this one because I am still enjoying my bag and I'd like to spread the love.)

  4. Just found your blog and I like how you think like me (I usually use the terms bazillion or gagillion).

    Congrats on your win. I cannot believe there are that many entrants!

    Have fun with your loot!!!!

    backing up here – my word verifications have never spelled something – my word verification below is bidenct – isn't that funny?

  5. INsanely jealous!! So awesome that you won! I am still thinking about being commenter 13,000 something! Girl…how long were you scrolling down???? Seriously, I have one of those little mouses with the roller thingie and I can FEEL my finger cramping up trying to scroll down that many comments!! Good For you!! Now wait for the cheesy part…… reading your blog makes me a winner everyday!!! ;D

  6. How fun!!! I have only ever entered one of her giveaways, and then realized how totally slim my chances of winning were so I never did again. Now – I think I might have to start back – you have given me hope!! Congratulations on the win!

  7. Hi. I found your blog through my friend Annie Get Your Camera. I saw the bag you made and I was amazed!! You are so talented. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know how gorgeous it is and how jealous I am of her and of your recent giveaway win from Pioneer Woman. Now that I said that, winning something would be the icing on the cake. 🙂

  8. Awesome…. I would be should be super jealous. I am glad that you had fun and get to spoil yourself. I happen to have a curse upon my family name (My father swears there were gypsys some where, way back when that some relative royally ticked off, so they cursed our family for EVERRRRR?) So I typically don't enter to win things I am just happy and feel like a winner when I go out to eat with friends or family and my meal is right, its like a little party for me. Any way… I think it is too fun that you do little give aways… I love reading your blog… Sadly like Juice commented… I don't think I could pull off a give away on my blog just yet seeing as I only have two followers. I think it would help if I blogged on a more frequent basis.
    Enjoy your loot.

  9. You are a SUPERSTAR! I can now say I know someone who Ree has actually thought about. You are fortunate.
    I want my entry to count for Jami Clark, because she is a winner and I think the world should know.

  10. Ha ha… I have to laugh at myself… I just posted something on your blog and apparently Ben was signed in and I didn't realize it. See bad luck 🙂 (Actually it is more being half asleep while playing on the internet. Any way that was my post not his.

  11. One time I was caller number three in a radio station contest. I won a movie that I watched once and will likely never view again. It was kind of a half hearted, “why not” call, so I was quite surprised when I heard the dj's distinctive radio voice asking my name, and thus stammered and didn't say any of the clever things I imagined myself saying upon the winning of a radio contest.

  12. Hey…I think I should win because well…I live in Yuma now.

    And Emily (stitting here on my lap) thinks she should win because she has to go to primary everyweek even though she cries a river of tears as she says, “I don't want this new class. I want my Sister Girl” I hope she stops someday.

    Have fun with your new loot!


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