Break Free

Even when one’s bonds are adored and welcome, it’s nice to be free of them occasionally.
A few minutes ago my bonds were loosed and now reside on the shoulders of the Mr.

Have you any idea how easy it is to navigate airport security when there are no car seats, strollers, or fleeing children involved?
I made my way to the gate at the farthest end of the terminal at a comfortable mosey. I was able to look around myself take notice of those oddities available to airport patrons who care to look.

As I meandered along the moving side walk I saw a man approaching who seemed to have a growth of some kind protruding from the back of his head.
It rather reminded me of a dog who used to wander the neighborhood where I grew up. This dog had a large cyst on one of it’s haunches.
Aside from being a rather grotesque spectacle, we were all assured that the dog was quite healthy.
The man approached and a surreptitious glance confirmed that he did indeed have a growth at the base of his skull. It was not, however, a cyst. It was a tightly curled mullet.
Like that wandering pooch of yesteryear, this man, aside from his status as a rather grotesque spectacle, seams to be quite healthy.


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