The Bear Who Wanted to Have a Tea Party

a collaborative effort by myself and my Zizza.





Zizza had a great time listing friends. She would have filled the rest of the book this way if I hadn’t intervened. She started writing “Elisabeth” at the top of the page, after that The Mr helped her with spacial planning so none of those “bestest friends” would be left out.


Why the distinction between Skyla and the rest of the friends? They were all bestests while the frog here is just an average friend.








I used this tutorial for binding. The finished product has it’s quirks. I think mostly because of the adjustments I had to make for binding such a thin book. The spine is a bit too wide for the one lone signature it holds, and the book doesn’t lay flat when open.
It was a fun project, I’m excited to do more in the future. I think next time I’ll scan the art work and print it on the pages. That way, I can make multiple copies of the same book if I want to. (Why hello, grandparent Christmas gifts! how are you today?) Also the crayon from the drawings won’t rub off on the opposite page.

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