I have a week left to work on my list. As of this evening the book is nearly done, I’m just waiting for glue to dry.
I’ve got one baby boy romper just waiting for closures. I also have to decide on fabric for a tie and make that. The other baby boy ensemble is at the bottom of my list since that child isn’t even born yet and I won’t be seeing his (still preggers) mother on this trip anyway so I’ll have to send it regardless. I still would like to get it out of the way before I leave but whateves.
Next up is Zizza’s back pack. She starts pre-school the day after I get back so it would be pretty lame of me not to get her backpack done before I go. Especially since she’s been asking me regularly if I’m going to start working on it for the past two weeks. In my defense I couldn’t have started any sooner than Monday because I was waiting for the trim fabric to be delivered.
My something or other to wear to my High School reunion may or may not happen. Until last night I really had no Idea what I even wanted. Now I’m thinking along the lines of a shirt dress.
Either black and ecru 2″ gingham with pintucks, 3/4 sleeves and a shirt-tail hem. Or a copy of an Anthropologie dress that I can’t find a picture of to show you. It was white eyelet with slightly puffed cap sleeves, and tuxedo ruffles. At least I think that’s what it looked like, I don’t fully remember. That’s what I’d be making anyway.
I would wear either dress with a thick belt. In my minds eye I see cowboy boots but hit a bit of a snag in that I don’t own a pair.
Anyway, that is where I stand this evening. If all goes well. I’ll have something or things entirely completed tomorrow.
Now I’m off to read “The City of Ember” I’ve been holding myself off starting “Jane Eyre” until I’m through my list because I know myself and I want to actually finish this stuff.
“The City of Ember” was sitting on my shelf looking short and harmless this afternoon when I finished sewing for the day. (I’ve got to go out an get buttons before I can go on) So I picked it up to indulge myself for a few minutes while I over saw Zizza illustrating her book.
When, after reading only the preface I was completely enthralled, I knew I was in trouble. Gratefully, I’m already half way through so I don’t think it will interfere too much with my productivity.

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