Photogenic evening

It was a family dinner at my mother in law’s house. I spent the whole evening trying to get a series like this.







It was a really good excuse for not taking a turn pushing the kid wheel. Every time one of the other adults consented to push the thing across the lawn, I was right there, my camera set to rapid fire. I got a few like this of most of the kids but Zizza’s is the longest uninterrupted streak I caught. I think I’ll print out all of the photos and make a flip-book.
I’ve noticed that I take a lot more photos of Enzo than Zizza these days. After giving it some thought I decided it’s because Enz ignores me while I chase him around with the camera so any unblurred photo I manage to catch is natural, candid, my favorite kind. When Ziz sees the camera in my hand, she feels inclined to pose. Which means I get a lot of fantastic fake smiles like this one.


Nice huh?
Turns out, all I need is a bunch of cousins running around to distract her and I can get candid, non-freaky smiling photos of her.


Vying for attention.


Upset over an injury.


Looking for sympathy whilst showing off her bandaid.

Those are my three favorite Zizza photos from the last three months or so.
Since most day’s I’m fresh out of distracting cousins, I’ve been working on finding the cross section between adorable and posed. I’m glad to say we’re making progress. I took a few today with very close to natural smiles. Of course, she insisted upon standing on one leg and closing her eyes like a sleeping flamingo, but her smile was much less rubbery than I’ve come to expect. Progress.

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