Soul food

Yesterday I thought about making chocolate peanut butter chip cookies. I started out with the idea of making plain old chocolate chip cookies but then I discovered that I was out of chocolate chips so I shifted gear to chocolate peanut butter chip.
I didn’t end up making the cookies for a number of reasons, the main one being laziness. The supporting reasons were also laziness. I ended up dozing on the on the sofa while Zizza bounced on my stomach and begged me to let her watch more T.V.
Another thing I didn’t make yesterday was dinner.
We went to Chipotle. The Mr along with the majority of the male population is possessed of a strong and undying love of the Chipotle burrito. I hope they have those in heaven, other wise he might not go.
I’ve always liked Chipotle, but it was sort of a “take it or leave it” kind of an appreciation. Then, on Saturday we went and I was feeling a little weird in the tummy so I wanted something I could take home and enjoy later should such be necessary.
My main problem with Chipoltle has always been that the burritos are so huge I can only eat about half without making myself completely sick. Let’s be honest here, even half is pushing it a bit. I sometimes go to the trouble of requesting an extra piece of foil so I can take the excess home to enjoy later but that never happens. A burrito, especially one containing copious amounts of guac, as any burrito of mine is bound to be, does not reheat well. Also, it’s no good cold.
I’ve flirted with other menu items a bit. The barbacoa quesadilla is delish, but then you miss out on the rice, and that’s really what it’s all about for me.
So, anyway, Saturday.
With re-heat-ability in mind I ordered a vegetarian bowl with black beans, corn salsa and no sour cream (I only tolerate the stuff) I went meatless because I’m just not a fan of re-heated meat. The plan was to eat as much as was touching the quac and save the rest, only I could not stop eating. I had stumbled upon the menu item of my soul.
I had it again last night and all I could think was “I never want to stop eating this,” and then my bowl was empty and my heart broke.
I gathered the pieces, pasted them together and we did some shopping at Target and went on home. Now, here’s the good part; while we were gone somebody left cookies at our door step and,… wait for it… They were chocolate peanut butter chip!
They’re good too. The texture is soft and squishy like a marshmallow while still somehow maintaining cookieness. Amazing.
Hopefully they aren’t poisoned because I’ve already eaten most of them. Actually, even if they are poisoned, they’re worth it.
Thank you phantom cookie baker. Not even poison could diminish my gratitude.

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