Chillin at g-ma’s house, a pair of cousins decide it’s high time they each had a robot costume. They beg the closest available mother for a paper bag apiece.
The cousins tackle the project in a manner the mother has never considered. Snipping leg holes in the bottom of the bags and pulling them up trouser style. She would have cut a head holes and donned them tunic-like. The cousins method is working though, and the mother commends their creativity.


The larger cousin finds it impossible to fit his entire torso inside his paper sack. He is disappointed but finally accepts the reality of it and adds computer paper suspenders to his creation.


The girl cousin feels it necessary to include a hairdo in her robot design. What’s a little girl robot without a pony tail after all? Accommodations are made, and the girl is happy with the result.


Finally, both robot get-ups are completed, and after posing for a quick snap, the cousins shed their paper costumery and never bother themselves with another thought in it’s direction.


Domo arigato little robot girl.


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