I just got home.
The show was fabulous.
Everything I expected, those tight harmonies make me swoon.
There were some excellent costumes. Glinda’s ball gown was glorious. There was also one particular dress among those in Emerald City that caught my attention. It had the most amazing bustle/flounce sort of a deal on the left hip/back. I wish I could do it justice with my words. The truth is, I never got a really good look at it. I was so focused on the action of the show I could only afford cursory glances at the wardrobe of the supporting cast.
For me the best part of the show, all things considered, were the white and navy wing-tip t-strap heels Glinda wore in “Dear Old Shiz.” Without the once of blue on the toe and heel, poor Glinda’s feet would have blended so completely with the rest of her white ensemble they would have disappeared. She would have seemed to be curtsying on a pair of white stumps. The wing tips changed all of that.
Kudos to Susan Hilferty, the costume designer. After all, “God is in the details.”


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