This is what it looks like…


When you forget to turn the heat down under the rice you’re cooking in your prized le creuset dutch oven and then dismiss the burning smell as something stuck on one of the burners until ten minutes later when your husband asks why the kitchen is full of smoke.
What is feels like is sick to your stomach.
I have not lost hope. A little more char scrapes off every time I scrub. With time and a lot of elbow grease, I may get the chance to cook in that dear pot again.

2 Responses to This is what it looks like…

  1. Hey there,

    Amy Hales here. I've been stalking your blog through Jodi's for a while now. I love to peek in and see all the fun, creative things you are doing. Anyway, I saw your pot dilemma and just had to offer my advice. Sadly, this is an all too common occurrance at our house. My solution (thanks to my Mother-in-law) is to simmer an electrasol tab in a bit of water until it dissolves. (Just don't let your pot go dry!) The charred food slips right out and my pots look new again. I hope this will work for you. My only disclaimer is that my pots are stainless steel and I can see that yours is not. Good luck!


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