My day

Started out with an evaluation from Early Intervention. The New One refuses to bear weight on her legs. That means, no pulling up by the furniture, no wobbly walking with adult fingers clasped in little fists above her head, not even standing on a lap to play. She simply won’t have it.
We decided it’s just that. She won’t bear weight on her legs. She could if she wanted too, but she apparently doesn’t.
Once that was done we went for hair cuts. Ziz, Enz and I did anyway. The New One didn’t need a cut this time, she was just along for the ride. Zizza once again asked for hair as short as mine. She explained that even with a pony tail, it gets in her face while she’s swimming, so she really would rather just cut it short enough to solve the problem. She was happy with jaw length though. I really do believe in letting children make their own hair style choices but I just don’t want to have to dress her in fluffy pinkness every day to keep people from wondering about her gender. Not to mention keeping up with monthly haircuts for myself is challenging enough. Worrying about her looking scruffy along with me is more than I can take.
We stopped at the grocery store on the way home. For some unexplained reason I decided it was a good idea to use the self check out. This was a bad idea for numerous reasons.
To start with, if you have your own reusable grocery bag and you place it in the bagging area so you can put your stuff into it, it’s weight registers and the machine thinks you are trying to sneak extra merchandise though and calls you out for shoplifting. And so, I piled my groceries, un-bagged, onto the bagging area until my transaction was complete at which point I was finally able to place them in my own pretty non wildlife strangling bags to take home.
Another problem came in the form of a four year old girl who continued to hand me things from the cart even as I asked her to please stop because I can only scan so many groceries at a time and having food items thrust into my hands while attempting to balance other food items in the dratted bagging area is not so much helpful. Eventually she stopped handing me food and started handing me bags. “Here mom, here’s your bag. I think you’ll need more than one bag, how are you going to fit all of that into just one bag? I’ll get you another bag, Would you like the blue bag or the red bag? I think you should Use the yellow bag.”
Also every time I entered in produce it would tell me “place the item in the bagging area or select ‘skip bagging,” at which point I would place the item in the bagging area only to be informed by the automated voice that an attendant had been summoned to help me. An attendant never did come, but after a brief interval the computer would allow me to continue. I’m not sure what it was about the way I placed my bananas and mangoes in the designated area that was incorrect, but apparently there was something.
So home we went. We ate lunch and got ready for swim lessons. This week Enzo has been taking his daily dump right around 1:00. Which is better than if he was waiting until 1:30 and doing it in the pool, but still rather bothersome when he waits until after the swim diaper is on. We have one more day of lessons and one more swim diap. It’s going to be a close one.
I was wary of afternoon swim lessons at first. Sitting out in 114 degree heat while my kids swim is not high on my list of great ways to spend an afternoon. Even considering the heat though, half an hour to chat with other moms is nice, and when we get home the kids are so exhausted from swimming and withstanding the heat when they’re not in the pool, they sleep like angels until at least 4:30.
So they slept, and I worked on this week’s big project (which is done by the way, Nichole). I’ll tell you about it one of these times. Not right now though. After a dinner of frozen pizza and bubble baths all around the kids are back in bed, and I am off to do the 30 day shred and make hot fudge to enjoy with the ice cream I fought so hard to liberate form the store earlier today. Those two things balance each other out right?

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